How Activities Are Conducted

As soon as children come to the lab they learn to pot a plant. Growing plants is a must for Quest members. All children love it.

Collecting the apparatus, instruments, chemicals etc necessary for the decided experiment, with the teacher’s help is the next step.

All this is possible because of dedicated, loving teachers. It is important the person conducting the activity is herself convinced about the usefulness of the activity.

They thoroughly enjoy doing the activity and are helped in observation and drawing conclusion.

Then comes the most important job of writing (recording) the complete activity.

An equally important part of the activity is to find out how this experiment is useful to them in the day-to-day life (application).
Doing any activity must be followed by READING. What is amazing is how much care they take of the materials used by them quite on their own. They do develop a sense of belonging and hence a sense of responsibility.

Care of the plant: Importance of growing trees is justified by encouraging them to grow plants.

They learn to take care of the plant while completing the club schedule and at the end of the programme they are happy to take it back home.