About Us

The idea of starting a laboratory exclusively for children came to my mind as a result of many years of Science teaching experience with children in different schools in different places, like Mumbai,Delhi, Nasik and finally in Nepal in an international school. In the latter very small children (age 6 and above) wanted to learn science in the laboratory which was established for older children. It is then that I realized how much liking little children had for experimentation!
Quest was then established by me in Pune in a big, cheerful and bright place on Sus rd. It is a full fledged lab set for children of all ages. All the necessary apparatus, instruments, chemicals, scientific toys are present in the lab.
Quest has a beautiful terrace garden where we use manure made from Biodegradable material.

Library in Quest has a number of interesting books which children like to go through. They can even take a book home for reading to be brought back, of course!

Children join Quest as Science math club members for a definite number of experiments/activities from age 6 onwards.

*Every child must choose an experiment /activity of his choice.
*The necessary stationery is provided at Quest to everyone who is a member of the club.